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About Our Firm

The financial services practice of Oakstone Financial Management is rooted in three simple, yet basic ideas: Integrity, Intelligence, and Best Process.

Integrity and trust are the cornerstones upon which long lasting relationships are built. Oakstone Financial's founding principle is that the highest moral and ethical conduct determine the right course of action.

Intelligence means understanding, listening, and then developing a plan suited to each client's unique situation. This is accomplished through in depth consultation and review of your current and future financial objectives.

Best process is the way in which integrity and intelligence are employed to meet each client's unique financial objectives. It begins with understanding you, your relationship to money, and your financial history. Together, we then develop a unique strategy aimed to meet, and even exceed, your financial objectives.

Perhaps most important of all, once the financial plan has been developed, Oakstone Financial acts to coordinate and implement the plan in a timely fashion. The best financial plan is of little value, if it is not implemented and reviewed on a periodic basis.