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Q: When was Oakstone Financial Management founded?

A: Oakstone Financial Management was founded in April of 2003. Prior to that Seth Becker was with Bank One Investment Management Group, and Lancaster Pollard Asset Management.

Q: How can I find more information about Seth Becker, RFC®?

A: To find out more about Seth Becker, RFC®, please visit the FINRA website (Financial Industry National Regulatory Authority).

Seth Becker is a registered representative with Cambridge Investment Research (see below) which in turn is registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Oakstone Financial Management, LLC is not affiliated with Cambridge. To find out more about Cambridge, please visit the FINRA website.

Q: How is Oakstone compensated for the services it provides?

A: Oakstone Financial Management is a financial services firm. We are compensated based upon a percentage of assets under management, as well as financial planning fees. The more our client's wealth increases, the more compensation we receive; likewise, if a client's wealth decreases, then our compensation decreases as well.

Q: Who is Cambridge Investment Research?

A: Cambridge is one of the largest independent broker dealers in the United States. Although not as well known as some of the larger firms, Cambridge provides regulatory oversight and capital market access to over 3,200 independent representatives as of June 30, 2018.

To find out more information about Cambridge, you can check the FINRA Website(Financial Industry National Regulatory Authority)

Q: How does an "independent broker dealer" differ from other broker dealers?

A: An independent broker dealer provides regulatory over site and capital markets access only. Doesn't market or develop proprietary products such as in house mutual funds or life insurance products. Additionally, it does not impose sales or product quotas on its representative.

From the client's perspective this means Oakstone is under no pressure to sell specific products,proprietary or otherwise, and can focus strictly on the client's needs and objectives.

Q: Does this limit the advisor's access to products and services?

A: No, it actually increases your access to different types of products and mutual funds. Unlike many broker dealers, Cambridge the product company pays to Cambridge. Instead Cambridge provides Oakstone with access to virtually every type of registered investment and insurance product available. Cambridge½s role is only to provide regulatory oversight and access to the capital markets, not receive compensation from one product company or another.