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The Power Of Best Efforts

Doing a ropes course was not my idea of team building. Nothing I do 35 feet off the ground in anyway improves my ability to work with others. The fact that this exercise was sponsored by my employer meant I had to participate. Did I mention I am afraid of heights?

When the day came to walk the ropes I watched as my colleagues and friends seemed to effortlessly make their way. I felt I had to too. When I reached the place where you walked out on the ropes, 35 feet off the ground, I was starting to perspire. Even though I was wearing a harness, which meant there was no danger of falling, I could hardly walk. By the time I had gone 10 feet out, and retraced my steps back, I was shaking.

I went down the pole to the ground and waited for everyone else to finish. That 20 foot walk was all I could take, even though everyone else continued climbing for quiet some time. I really felt I had embarrassed myself.

Later that day a woman came up to me and said "I saw you on the ropes. And I could see you were very afraid".

I replied "I really was".

She said "When I saw how afraid you were and then saw you walk the ropes anyway, I knew I could do it too. And I did".

Sometimes, best efforts produce a kind of success all its own.